In the Hudson Valley, Adams Fairacre brings farms to communities

   Farm fresh food is amazing, isn’t it? You know that crunchy first bite you experience from produce that tastes like you just picked it yourself? It’s an experience we should all have the opportunity to enjoy, and fortunately for those living and working in New York’s Hudson Valley, there’s a place where you can […]

Dark City Saints to Play Staten Island TONIGHT! Band Looks to Aid Those Effected by Hurricane Sandy

Looking to do something cool out of the area tonight? How about checking out a show down in Staten Island that goes to support a great cause; to support all those effected by Hurricane Sandy. Dark City Saints will be taking center stage at Joe Broadway’s tonight and will be running a drive to aid […]

Hit the Beach! As Summer Heats Up, Litchfield County Has a Love Affair with Water

It’s summertime and very simply put the living is easy. A gentle breeze blows through the trees ever so gently, that you just can’t feel it no matter how hard you try to because of this wonderful little thing called humidity that gets us all fired up, and when we’ve had enough of being fired […]

Tourism in Litchfield County with a New York State of Mind

The weekends become busy. The sidewalks become a gala for window shopping. The roads are filled with free flowing spirits who set their sights to capture the best possible view for their photo albums. They are the Litchfield County weekenders, the folks who make the two hour drive up from the city to catch a […]